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Vehicle lifts are devises that move your mobility equipment (scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs) from the ground to the back of your vehicle or trunk, and allow you to transport your equipment between locations. Offering a wide selection of models, lifts range from mechanical solutions to fully assisted power models where lifting is as easy as pushing a button.

The TC Mobility Team is trained to assist you determine which vehicle lift model is best for your vehicle, mobility equipment, and budget.

In store options & availability include:

  • Available for Mini-Vans/Vans, SUVs / Crossovers , Pickup Trucks, Sedans.
  • Interior & exterior lifts attached by a hitch.
  • Lifts for trucks with or without crew cabs, hybrid lifts, and light-capacity lifts.
  • Weight capacity of the lift will depend on what lifts are compatible with your vehicle.
  • Certified Technicians install and service all vehicle lifts.

Here are some highlights outlining the different types of lifts available:

Outside Lifts

Are a popular option as these models:

  • Preserve passenger seating or cargo room inside the vehicle.
  • They are compatible to most vehicles.
  • Can accommodate the weight capacity of most scooters and power chairs.

There are two categories of Outside Lifts:

Manual Platform Lifts

  • Are the most economical solution.
  • Platforms are available in steel or aluminum, with steel being heavier and adding more weight to the vehicle.
  • Most fold up against the car when not in use.
  • Lifts do not swing out of the way for trunk access.
  • Ramp must be released manually, requiring some user strength or dexterity.

Power Platform Lifts

  • Automatically folds against the vehicle, when not in use.
  • Most models offer a "swing-away" option, allowing trunk access.
  • No physical labor required. Lift will automatically secure a scooter with a hold-down bar. A Power Chair will require the user to also manually secure the device with retractable straps.
  • Can be wired to the car battery or use a battery pack.

Both options require:

  • A trailer hitch. A Class III receiver trailer hitch is best, but a Class II may work for lighter scooters.
  • A trailer light plug with the hitch (flat 4 connector) plug for the license plate light on the lift. Source of power for the lift comes directly from the battery.
  • Ratchet straps or a lock-down arm to secure the scooter / power chair to the lift.

Inside Lifts

Are an efficient and economical solution for transporting smaller, lighter power chairs and scooters inside a car, truck, minivan, or SUV. An interior lift protects your mobility device from weather and potential road hazards. Most inside lifts are installed in the back, but some models can be installed in the side door of a van. The side door lift on a minivan is easier for transfers and operation.

There are several different types of inside lifts, but all use a crane style lift system that lift and rotate the scooter or power chair into the vehicle. There are various models to choose from, and the right one, will ultimately depend on the compatibility with your vehicle. Some models are partially manual, requiring the user to guide the device into the vehicle, but other models are completely automatic, and will lift and rotate the device into the vehicle.


The two most popular and requested types of inside lifts are

Inside Boom Lifts

  • Acting like a small crane, the boom lift raises the scooter or power chair using and places the mobility equipment into the rear cargo area of vehicles, the side-entry location on mini-vans, or the bed of a pick-up truck.
  • Smaller compact scooters / power  chairs can fit into the trunk of larger sedans.
  • Seats typically need to be removed to stow the device.
  • Size of the mobility device will limit the trunk space.
  • C-arm docking device is required to leave the seat on.

Inside Platform Lifts

  • Using an automatic one touch system, a platform lifts upward, slides inward on tracks and stows the device inside the vehicle.
  • There is no equipment outside the vehicle.
  • No holes in the vehicle are required, as mount uses rear seat or seatbelt bolt mounts as securement points.
  • Several model options are available for SUVs, mini-vans, and full sized vans.

Both options:

  • Can be wired to the car battery or through a battery pack.
  • Require at least 30“ of headroom.

Hybrid Lifts

Gaining in popularity, these lifts are easy to use and fit many vehicles. Hybrid lifts are installed in the back of a van, truck, or SUV. However, some vans can accommodate a lift on the side door. These lifts are automatic and with a push of a button the lift/platform extends from the vehicle and lowers to the ground. You then drive the scooter / power chair onto the platform, push the up button and the device will rise up and load into the vehicle.

In store options & availability include:

  • Under truck models.

Accessible Seating
A wide range of models are available that make getting in and out of a vehicle easier. Models include seats that can be placed on the passenger, driver`s, or beneath a truck. Models provide the ability to rotate, recline, extend outside of the vehicle, and lower to the ground, all with a push of a button. While making transfers easier, these seats are also safe, available in various fabrics, and comfortable.